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Looking for storage solutions for your special vehicle,
but don't want to spend big bucks at a storage facility?
We have the answer...


We sell a unique, zippered, garage storage bag for all classic and late model cars, trucks, and motorcycles. They are reasonably priced from $189.00 to $289.00. The bag is made with a very durable 7 mil web reinforced polyethylene material with a heavy duty zipper.

This storage product works like a big sleeping bag with a dehumidifier. Simply drive your vehicle onto the base, pull the cover over and zip it up for complete protection from corrosion, dust and mold. Your vehicle will be kept completely dry because with every bag, we include a cannister of dessicant, which extracts any moisture trapped inside.

It is also important to note that they are designed for indoor use only, and should be used inside a garage, barn or building. It is highly recommended that a fabric car cover be used in conjunction with the vehicle bag during storage. Please visit for maintenance tips, information, options, and pricing.
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